Rollist is a rolling release wishlist website used to create, manage, and share wishlists with friends, family, and loved ones.


Milo Gertjejansen

Milo came up with the idea of a rolling release wishlist in a Google Doc around ten years ago. The goal then was the same as the goal now: create a wishlist that you only need to share once with an easy-to-remember link. Since then it's transformed into a Apple Pages document (for about a month), then a static website (with a database that was a JSON file hosted in the Github repository 😬), to the form it is today.

You can find some links below where he writes other software, most of which is unfinished (as it is with people who program in their free time).



One who tests (and not just that!). Found bugs:

  • Add and start another feature.
  • CSV trimming.
  • Long links don't get added.
  • Bulk edit error validation.
  • Hero header color.
  • Long number checking.

Other Thanks

The theme used. You can find them at