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What is this site?

Rollist is a place to create, manage, and share rolling release wishlists with your friends, family, and loved ones.

It provides tools for creating easy-to-understand wishlists with a no-nonsense approch that other sites prefer. Primarily, this means only text in a theme that's nice to look at.

What does "rolling release" mean?

Rolling release refers to the "version" of the wishlist that you give out.

Ordinarily when you give out a wishlist you would make the list and give it out. With this site you can make your list once and give out a link to it. This way, when people look at your link that version is the one that is most up to date.

The obvious downside here is that you need to keep your wishlist up to date, but an upcoming feature (reminder emails) can remind you to update your list around critical times.

What are short links?

Short links are a way to make short, memorable links to your wishlists for eash sharing. You can configure a short link for each wishlist inside the wishlist itself.

They are always formatted like:<the short link>